About us

Our company

Based in Singapore, Mr Brownie Packaging is an online shop of BlackVel Solutions Pte Ltd which focus on new innovative packaging to cater for home and business owners.

BlackVel Solutions Pte Ltd is your reliable Industrial Packaging and Solutions Provider in Asia. With our globally integrated partnership with diverse packaging experts in Aisa and Europe, we have established ourselves as preferred partners in providing the latest packaging solutions to our local and overseas clientele.

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Our Philosophy

It has been our passion to bring the latest packaging technology to our clients in terms of better value, better protection to their products and goods. Mr Brownie has been created to provide a comprehensive range of packaging products to our clients. The purpose is to keep our client informed of the varies packaging options they can consider and at the same time, working around their budget. We believe Mr Brownie is the preferred packaging website for our client's packaging needs.

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Services We Provide

At Mr Brownie, we provide both reworking and repacking services to suit the client's budget and demand. With decades of experience, our dedicated team of professionals are able to work with you to achieve maximum satisfaction.

Repacking Service (Industrial)

We specialize in repacking for industrial needs as well, saving time and effort on your behalf.


Repacking Service (Retail)

With decades of experience, we are able to work with you on your repacking request to achieve maximum satisfaction. Some of our past experience includes repacking to new packaging, sieving, re-branding and palletizing etc.


Flexitank Emergency Reworking

In case of severe damage to your industrial packaging during trans-shipment, our Parent company BlackVel is able to offer a wide range of emergency rework services to minimise the potential casualty losses. We are experienced in handling Flexitank Leaking cases, Damaged Containers etc in Singapore Port and other parts of the countries.


3rd Party IBC Testing