We have packaging products for consumers as well! We offer a wide range of protection and sealing packaging to protect your items and ensure that they can be safely contained or kept. The bulk purchase ensures that you will save more on top of the low price we offer!

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  • Plastic Pallet

    Plastic Pallets are durable and lightweight making it very useful in production, warehousing and distribution applications. 

  • Wooden Pallet

    Wooden Pallets are comes in various models for different needs. It could be used to protect your products during transportation.

  • Honeycomb Paper Pallet

    Honeycomb Paper Pallet is made of LHPs and mainly used as a substitute for non-returnable export wooden pallets. Honeycomb paper pallet is capable of bearing 2000kg weight per square meter.

  • Bags

    Comes in various sizes and types, find the right type of bag for your need.

  • Containers

    Containers are space-efficient with excellent stacking and nesting ability and by utilizing Tool Stand it could be easier for one to work by putting the tools and parts in a close range to improve working environment.

  • Canvas

    Mr Brownie carries a wide range of Canvas such as Netting, PVC, PE, Fire Retardant, Chemical Resistance Canvas for varies application. Our canvas comes in Roll form or customised shape and sizes. To order your customised canvas, please email to

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Showing 1 - 12 of 94 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 94 items