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  • Strapping Tensioner

    Tensioners can be used to secure flat package loads to minimize load shifting and we have both plastic and steel ones to cater to your different needs. 

  • Strapping Trolley

    The portable Strapping Trolleys provides excellent mechanical transmission and is convenient for use at any location.

  • Sewing Machines

    These sewing machines can provide a quick solution for tightly closing multi-wall paper, woven polypropylene, textile and paperbag closing as well as closing of padded mailing envelopes.

  • Hand Dispenser

    Strong and durable, these dispensers aim to make the carton sealing experience easier, faster and safer

  • Impulse Sealer

    Ideal for a multitude of applications, our foot type impulse sealers can be used for sealing large and heavy bags while hand type impulse sealer makes excellent air and water tight seals on LDPE, HDPE, PP etc.

  • Bag Sealer

    Hand held dispensers offering precise cutting excellence with easy application roller catered for all needs. The bag sealer we carry provides a simple and economical way to close poly bags with vinyl packaging tapes.

  • Hose

    Designed for temporary water/fuel supply or drainage, these hose aim to ease the workload to a minimum.

  • Pump

    Portable pumps with gas engines. Industrial size pumps use for water, irrigation, fire and washdown or contractors dewatering job sites, trenches, manholes and tanks.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items